Polywire and Spools (Reels)

Kiwitech white Polywire has great resistance to burnout and is made specifically to withstand frequent reeling in and out.
Spools are light weight (but super tough) and are used with Release Hooks to hang on fence lines or End Assemblies.

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Bare Spool (Reel)

Made from Polycarbonate (bullet-proof plastic) and holds up to 450m of Kiwitech polywire.

  • Spool Bare
    Spool Bare - large image


    Spool Bare

    £17.00 (excl VAT)
    £20.40 (incl VAT) 

Note: Spools are designed to fit onto a Kiwitech Geared Winder ('PAC'). Visit Tread-in/Winder pages.

Spools with Polywire

Kiwitech polywire has 6 strands of white monofilament and 6 strands of 0.2mm stainless for great resistance to burnout. It also has a tight uniform twist for longevity (will not unravel).

  • Spool + 150m Polywire
    Spool + 150m Polywire - large image

    FW SPL150

    Spool + 150m Polywire

    £29.00 (excl VAT)
    £34.80 (incl VAT) 

  • Spool + 200m Polywire
    Spool + 200m Polywire - large image

    FW SPL200

    Spool + 200m Polywire

    £33.00 (excl VAT)
    £39.60 (incl VAT) 

  • Spool + 300m Polywire
    Spool + 300m Polywire - large image

    FW SPL300

    Spool + 300m Polywire

    £41.00 (excl VAT)
    £49.20 (incl VAT) 

  • Spool + 400m Polywire
    Spool + 400m Polywire - large image

    FW SPL400

    Spool + 400m Polywire

    £49.00 (excl VAT)
    £58.80 (incl VAT) 

Spool Accessories

Release Hook

Make the polywire of a reasonably straight fence line let go from 450m away. Clips onto steel wire or End Assembly.

  • Release Hook
    Release Hook - large image


    Release Hook

    £2.50 (excl VAT)
    £3.00 (incl VAT) 

Snap In Handle

Great for use in Kiwitech's Orbital Winding method to reel up polywire lengths up to 150m.

  • Handle Green Snap-in (with spare Shank stored inside)
    Handle Green Snap-in (with spare Shank stored inside) - large image


    Handle Green Snap-in (with spare Shank stored inside)

    £3.60 (excl VAT)
    £4.32 (incl VAT) 

Polywire Refill on Bobbins

  • Polywire 600m
    Polywire 600m - large image

    FW PWR600

    Polywire 600m

    £48.00 (excl VAT)
    £57.60 (incl VAT)