Gates and Strainers - Information

Kiwitech Gate and Strainer features, application details and in the field video installation examples.

Heavy Duty Handle Strainers

"Heavy Duty" Handle Strainers (made like solid plastic bricks - weighing 260g) are extremely tough, very handy, tension devices for Kiwitech light, high-tensile (H.T.) wire fences (e.g. 1.25 - 2.5mm).

Installing a Heavy Duty Handle Strainer in the end of each wire in the fence line enables the following:

  • Easier fixing of wire breaks.
    With little effort a Handle Strainer can be unhooked from its Thong allowing the entire fence wire to slacken. There is no need to splice in extra wire and readjust tension.
  • Simple wire tensioning/de-tensioning.
    The big storage drum can hold 1-2m of H.T. light wire(= 2.5mm). Fences can be slackened or tensioned by easily unwinding or winding spare wire on this drum.
  • Wire up to be a Conductor (for H.T. wire = 2.5mm) or an Insulator (for H.T. wire <2.5mm). The hook is "dead" if wire is not wrapped around the small drum. Handle Strainers hook onto Kiwitech Thongs or homemade thongs made from 2.5mm wire, high quality (thick walled) insultube and a crimp. The pig-tailed hook prevents accidental "jumping off".

Like HyperSprings, Handle Strainers add very little cost to the overall cost per meter of fencing. They can save significant repair time (and frustration) if a wire breaks plus, given the ease of tensioning and de-tensioning, fences are more likely to be better maintained at correct tension.

Handle Strainers can also be used as exceptional Gate/Tape Break Handles - the tie on hole (located between the two drums) is large enough to feed tape through. Stock trampling and vehicle crushing will not break this handle!

Heavy Duty Handle Strainers also make brilliant StrainGates and are often used as an alternative to Kiwitech Integates for 1-2 wire fences.

Installation Demonstration

Please note this video is in French (filmed in France). If you do not speak French the following are points of note:

  • 0:45 minutes

    Start of demonstration on how to wrap H.T.(spare) wire around the Gate Handle Strainer large drum
  • 2:10 minutes

    Shows how the Kiwitech HyperSpring (Tensioner) is used to ensure ideal tension will be met.
  • 3:00 minutes

    Demonstration of the Kiwitech Race Hook (the race hook holds the gate open in order for stock to be directed into their next paddock from the farm race.
  • 4:55 minutes

    Driving over the fences.