Kiwitech UK ceased trading on September 4 2020
We are proud to refer you to the following distributors:
Progressive Farming Company Ltd (UK) Alliance Pastorale (France) Kiwitech International Ltd (Worldwide)

Tread-ins and Winder 'PAC': 1 Wire

One wire temporary electric fencing the fun and fast way.
One Kiwitech PAC (which consists of a 4:1 Geared Winder and Tread-in stowage Rack) is all you need to put up and take down (in just one pass) as many fences as there are Tread-ins and Spools for.
Great for suckler cattle and dairy cow graziers who are regularly shifting fences, you won't find a quicker method!

All white fibreglass posts are hand friendly, U.V. paint coated for long life.
Tread-ins and End Assemblies are sold as 'kits', requiring assembly (this enables you to set clip and pedal heights to suit).

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1 Wire Tread-ins with 9mmx1000mm fibreglass posts

 - large image

SINGLE Wedge Tread-in Kits

  • FK1 STRD12

    1 Wire Tread-in Kit-SW (12)

  • FK1 STRD50

    1 Wire Tread-in Kit-SW (50)

  • FK1 STRD100

    1 Wire Tread-in Kit-SW (100)

Speed assembly up by using a Clip Applicator... visit 'Clips, Applicators' page.

End Assembly with 9mmx1000mm fibreglass posts

End Assemblies are an optional strong anchoring point for fence ends or brace for Release Hook use. The Release Hook is what enables one pass only temporary fencing. Correctly wired up it will let go of polywire after a series of big deliberate pulls from up to 400m away.

 - large image

  • FK1 END

    1 Wire End Assembly (1)

Tread-ins and End Assemblies are modular.
Add/remove Wedge Clips/Release Hooks.
Change the wedge to adjust to 10mm post diameter.
Differing lengths in 9mm & 10mm posts available.

Make your own... visit 'Fibreglass Posts', 'Clips' and 'Tread-in Parts' pages.

1 Wire Winder Options

4:1 Gearbox

1 Wire Handheld Winder

  • Winder 1 Wire with Handle
    Winder 1 Wire with Handle - large image


    Winder 1 Wire with Handle

The 1 Wire PAC

  • 1 Wire PAC (Carried)
    1 Wire PAC (Carried) - large image

    FP PACC1

    1 Wire PAC (Carried)

  • 1 Wire PAC (Vehicle)
    1 Wire PAC (Vehicle) - large image

    FP PACV1

    1 Wire PAC (Vehicle)

Fencing Kits

 - large image


    1 Wire End Assembly Kit (10 Posts: 6 Tread-ins, 2 Ends) - SW

 - large image

  • FK1 SFEKIT22-300

    1 Wire Fence Kit (22 Posts: 18 Tread-ins, 2 Ends, 1 Spl300 & 1 RelHk) - SW