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Pursuing Ideal Permanent and Temporary
Electric Fencing Systems

The Kiwitech electric fencing range is the brainchild of Harry Wier, a Kiwi farmer, who has been researching and practising intensive rotational grazing for a lifetime. All products have been designed from a strictly functional perspective in striving for both permanent and temporary electric fencing systems that are very cost-effective, quick and simple to install and extremely tough.

Kiwitech Semi-Permanent/Permanent Electric Fencing Systems

If you are a livestock farmer who aims to grow lots of high quality grass and get the most out of every blade, in the most sustainable way, you are likely practising rotational grazing. More paddocks and smaller mobs translates into better, more productive results but that requires cost-effective and practical fencing as well as a good livestock watering system.

Electric fencing usually gets the tick when subdividing as it is less expensive than a 'physical' barrier yet many permanent electric fence solutions for sale resemble physical barriers (rigid, high-strained, multi-wired, conspicuous structures).

Why go to this bother?

Properly introduced livestock view electric fencing
as a virtual brick wall.

Ditching rigidity (physicality)

Back in the late 1970's when Harry Wier was constantly breaking PVC posts (the only insulated electric fence post in New Zealand at the time) while trying to do things a rigid fence was not designed to do. He realised he would need a much better, more resilient, fence system. Over the years he has developed a suite of products that can work in any electric fence, but when used together, as a complete integrated system, provide low-cost, extremely flexible fence lines that are truly hard to beat from that functional perspective.

Kiwitech's design spec for the ideal permanent electric fence system

Power/fence lines
Simple to maintain
No electric shorting out or leakage with Plain or Arrow fibreglass posts. Incorrect wire tension or a broken wire are quick and simple to fix with use of Handle Strainers at the end of each fence wire that can be disconnected (no tools required).
Tough Low tensioned, small diameter (1.6-2.5mm) high-tensile wires, incorporating HyperSprings, stretch with any impact and spring back unharmed - very abuse/flood tolerant.
Easy construction Quick to erect and take down with no expertise or heavy machinery required - save on labour costs.
Modular Wires can be added and heights adjusted with relative ease. InteGates or StrainGates (up to 20m wide) are an extension of the fence line (no weakness) and can be inserted anywhere.
Versatile Suits any terrain (flat to steep), any earth type (rocky to sandy) and any livestock type (sheep, cattle, deer, pigs... even chickens).
Long life Can last 40 years plus under average challenge.
Aesthetically pleasing Tidy and low visual profile.
Cost-effective The price per meter is very competitive for a system that meets such a high spec, especially if you take advantage of ALL the multiple time saving advantages a system like this affords

Save even more Time and Cost
How to get the MOST out of a Kiwitech electric fence.

Kiwitech's Permanent Fence System was once branded SPIDER - a metaphor matching the fence's super-resilience with a spider's web. This resilient factor allows for fences to be pinned down, driven over, driven through and even lifted well up for stock to pass underneath and, like a web, the fence just bounces back.

Exploit Kiwitech Fences - take advantage of these conveniences and consider how much time you could be saving.

Off-track FREEDOM No out of the way travel to get to gates for pedestrians and adapted vehicles. Just walk over the fence (with gumboots) or drive over.
No need for Gates Shift stock, fast, over pinned down wires (or under propped up wires) - they quickly learn how.
Emergency access In a flood or fire stock can be evacuated in any direction fast.

Fence in your stock not you

Join thousands of farmers who use this system and enjoy the freedom it offers. Try a pilot fence or two and give it a try. You will not be disappointed.

Kiwitech Temporary (Portable) Electric Fencing Systems

One of the most monotonous and often frustrating chores of grass farming is putting up temporary fencing. It can also be a very time consuming exercise, especially if you are farming on a large scale shifting several fences each day and 'time is money'. However, portable fencing is what enables most farmers to farm grass affordably and sustainably.

Harry, as the sole owner/operator of a 180ha farm, was shifting 40 mobs of 20 bulls every other day. He was quickly motivated into finding a faster methodology and lighter, tougher gear. Today Kiwitech has a temporary fencing product range to suit all farm budgets and needs, lifestyle blockie to corporates and land-barons, as Harry had to start out with the basics and build up from there.

Unlike our permanent fences, Kiwitech temporary fence systems tend to be tougher than our competitor's. Specifically, most modern temporary fence standards are not exactly "industrial strength" in terms of breakability and tensile strength. Many cannot be stamped into hard ground and they do not offer much stability in soft ground.

Kiwitech's design spec for the ideal temporary (portable) electric fence system

FAST Use Release Hooks to put up and take down your fence in a single pass either on foot (using the Carried PAC) or from the seat of your quad (Vehicle PAC).
simple to maintain
No chance of shorting out with 9mm fibreglass posts and spools can be held off the ground in a multitude of ways. All PAC and Tread-in parts are readily available and replaceable.
Light & comfortable
to carry
Loaded with a 300m fence kit a:
1-Wire PAC (18 Tread-ins, 2 Ends & 1 Spool 300m) is 10kg,
3-Wire PAC (28 Tread-ins, 2 Ends & 3 Spools 300m) is 17kg.
The PAC keeps gear tidy and can be held in one arm leaving the other free to hook wires into Tread-in clips as you walk the fence out.
Tough The PAC and fence components are VERY abuse-tolerant and built to last. Tread-in foot pedals with 7mm pin effectively pierce hard ground.
Scalable A 1 Wire PAC Fence System can easily be changed to a 2 or 3 Wire System by simply swapping out 2 parts of the PAC and adding clips to Tread-ins.
Cost-effective This is an industrial strength system. All products are made in New Zealand from top materials. It saves time and frustration and gives enjoyment to the many who use it.
If you have many temporary fences on 'the go' the economics favour investing in a Kiwitech system.